Kathrine Campbell Pedersen is a bilingual Anglo-Dane who was born in Copenhagen in 1973. Her family moved to London in 1986 where Kathrine completed her education, and where her interest in art  developed at tutorial college. Her background is one dominated by engineers, on both sides of the family, and by creative work–several of her relatives being involved in the arts. But Kathrine's path took a different turn when, on leaving college, she decided to make a career for herself in the hospitality industry and moved to Switzerland to study hotel management. For several years Kathrine travelled the world, working in prestigious establishments across Europe and in North America, South East Asia, and Australia, before she realised that, after all, her true interest lies in painting. Since returning to London she has made up for lost time by completing an impressive number of paintings, exhibiting her works in various solo and group shows across London and interest in her work has been growing steadily. Having established her reputation as a serious painter, she continues to produce work at a prodigious rate.

Years of travel not only broadened Kathrine's horizons but gave her a rich fund of images on which to draw. Her colours - sometimes vibrant, at other times muted - reflect both the richness of the Far East and the quieter hues of more northern climes. Skilled at balancing both shapes and tones, she is able to create vibrant effects in paint, and the precision and care with which she delineates complex abstract patterns remind us of the engineers' genes she carries within her.

Currently working from a studio in West London, her paintings can be viewed by appointment.

Kathrine Campbell Pedersen